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FAQs – Bullish University


How much does it cost to join Bullish University?

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Why should I join Bullish University?

You should join Bullish University if you are truly committed to learning how to trade binary options profitably and If you have made the commitment to yourself to truly achieve this goal.

What is Bullish University?

Bullish University was started to provide professional training to those that want to trade binary options more profitably. Ben Newman who started Bullish has been teaching binary option training for the last two years and has one of the best reputations in the industry.

Is Bullish University an Auto trader?

No, Bullish University is an online education course that is designed to help teach our students how to trade for themselves profitably. Auto traders or robots are not part of what we do.

How do you train people?

When you become a Bullish client firstly you enter our facebook group where you will be able to network and learn from very successful traders. You will gain access to our client members area where there are educational videos you can watch in your own time. However the major tool used to train people are our live webinars that you attend. We host two live webinars every single day, five days a week. We have found that by watching someone else trade every day and talk through the thought process behind each trade this helps students the most.

Can I ask questions on the webinar?

Yes, we encourage all our students to ask as many questions as possible. This is a time to receive advice and feedback on your trading.

When are the webinars held?

Our webinars are held from 8:00am GMT all the way to 19:00pm GMT. We like to hold webinars at different times to ensure our students from around the world can attend as many webinars as possible.

Do I need to deposit with our brokers?

No, you don’t have to sign up with any brokers if you don’t want to. If you have brokers you already work with then that is 100% fine with us. What we provide our clients is training and if you wish to use brokers who are regulated and that we have a relationship with then we can assist you. For our clients we actually insist that you pass a simple test before you deposit with a broker. This ensures you are in the best position to profit.

Can I ask questions any time?

Yes, you will have access as a student of Bullish University to a private Facebook group. In the group we encourage our students to get to know one another, ask questions and help each other. Trading can be a lonely exercise so sharing progress and tips with others is a great way to break that. Our admins will always respond to any question posted in the group. You can also ask questions on any of the live webinars.

What will I learn on Bullish University?

You will learn how to connect market events so that you can profit accordingly. You will learn technical analysis, trading strategies, money management, risk management and much more. By attending live webinars every single day you will have successful trading principles, mentality and discipline repeatedly drilled into you so they become habits.

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