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This weeks webinars

  • Webinar: Mon 8:00am GMT (3:00am EDT)
  • Webinar: Mon 3:00pm GMT (10:00am EDT) Live Trading
  • Webinar: Tue 8:00am GMT (3:00am EDT)
  • Webinar: Tue 4:00pm GMT (11:00am EDT) Live Trading
  • Webinar: Wed 9:00am GMT (4:00am EDT) Live Trading
  • Webinar: Wed 4:00pm GMT (11:00pm EDT) Chris Lewis
  • Webinar: Thu 1:00pm GMT (6:00am EDT) Live Trading
  • Webinar: Thu 3:00pm GMT (10:00am EDT) David Frank
  • Webinar: Fri 8:00am GMT (3:00am EDT) Live Trading
  • Webinar: Fri 2:30pm GMT (10:30am EDT)

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Frequently asked questions

Can I ask questions on the webinar?

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you want. The webinars are completely interactive.

When are the webinars held?

We hold webinars at various times to ensure times are suitable to our clients worldwide.

How many brokers can I register with to get 30 day membership?

You can register with a maximum of 2 regulated brokers that we work with - so you can receive 2 months membership by simply trading!

Can I chat to other members on the software?

Yes this is why we created Bullish pro so that you can share trading ideas with other members

Can I copy the trades in the webinar?

Our live webinars are aimed to teach you how to trade on your own however if you wish to place trades yourself you of course can do so.

How many webinars a month are scheduled?

There are over 44 webinars every single month.

Can I talk to your current members?

Yes, if you would like to talk to an existing client we are more than happy to arrange that.

I already have broker accounts but they arent the ones you work with.

We only work with regulated brokers to ensure our clients are looked after at all times. You are welcome to trade with your existing brokers but if you dont open a new account you would need to pay $300 to join. Also only the regulated brokers we work with are integrated with the software

Does your trainer make money on the live webinars?

Yes, on our first training group our trainer Ben Newman is at $5800 US Profit in 6 weeks.

I'm not sure which package to choose

If you are unsure which package you can always join the Plus package, join the facebook group, watch past webinars and educational videos and then upgrade when you are ready to the Live webinars.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you are not locked into any long term contract.

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